Aspire Technology providing Proactive Network Performance Improvement for an American operator


With ever increasing mobile data traffic volumes (up 65% year-on-year in 2015 – Ericsson Mobility Report) and rising customer expectations, operators are increasingly focused on customer experience and customer satisfaction as a differentiator.

A recent IBM report highlights that Quality-of-Network (QoN) and Quality-of-Service (QoS) have the greatest influence on customer satisfaction.
Factors influencing customer satisfaction.

Factors influencing customer satisfaction

Factors influencing customer satisfaction

These results clearly illustrate the value of proactive network optimisation and support to improve network quality and to both identify and resolve potential issues before they impact customers. Improving network quality has a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer spend and reduced churn.

A key challenge for mobile network operators is cost effective delivery on ever increasing customer capacity and speed expectations, while also improving customer experience and reducing costs!

Proactive optimisation enables operators to improve network quality and customer experience while also delivering OPEX savings including

  • Reduced Customer Care costs through reduced customer complaints
  • Reduced Network Operations Centre costs through proactive identification and resolution of network issues, minimising impact and avoiding escalations
  • Reduced Network Vendor Customer Support costs

Aspire Case Study

Aspire has demonstrated the value of proactive optimisation and support through a multi-annual Network Support and Optimisation service with an American Operator, delivering significant CAPEX and OPEX savings while also improving customer experience. Its independent, non-biased and technical approach towards maximising existing network performance is highly valued by the operator.

Aspire Achievements

    • $1.6M network OPEX savings annually, achieved through
      • 20% reduction in the number of Network Support Requests
      • ­Reduction in Ad-Hoc optimisation projects across individual group markets
      • Significant reduction in the number of contract engineering staff multiple markets
      • Lower NOC workload through proactive identification and resolution of network issues


      • $2.5M CAPEX saving annually, achieved through:
        • Significant increase in data throughput without additional network infrastructure investment
        • Reduction in site capacity expansion requirements ranging from 33% to 66% across multiple markets


      • The Aspire Team achieved significant improvements in network performance and customer experience. Specifically:
        • A 30% increase in Downlink data throughput
        • A 20% reduction in the Call drop rate
        • A 20% increase in Uplink data throughput

The Aspire Approach

Aspire success in achieving tangible improvements was based on a very clear and operator-oriented approach:

      • Aligned baseline and target KPI’s with Operator
      • Established a “Tiger Team” comprising of both on-site and remote support
      • Agreed weekly plan to implement and tune new features
      • Performed network assessment and made necessary changes
      • Reported periodically the KPI performance to stakeholders using visual dashboards
      • Provided out of hours support, working closely with Operator engineers
      • Engineers are highly knowledgeable on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies
      • Provided on-site training to staff on network management


Aspire support and optimisation services address the following areas:

    • KPI Improvement – Improve End user Quality of Experience
    • Feature Implementation & Tuning – Maximise benefit from vendor features
    • Network Troubleshooting – Resolve high profile, difficult issues
    • Capacity Management – Balancing traffic load across 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi

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