In an increasingly saturated and competitive market, Network Operators are increasingly focussed on reducing churn and increasing ARPU. Key to achieving these aims is providing a best in class customer experience with many operators now having dedicated Customer Experience Management (CEM) programmes which aim to improve the customer’s Net Promoter Score (NPS). From a network perspective, delivering an improved Quality of Experience (QoE) is essential to improving customer experience and NPS. Improving QoE presents a number of challenges which require a multi-faceted approach to analysis of customer experience.

  • Currently radio network analysis is predominantly based on the use of network counters to generate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). While these methods provide feedback on overall network performance, they do not profile issues affecting particular customers or groups of customers. (i.e. the Dropped Call Rate for the network may be <1%, but individual customers may be experiencing significantly worse performance due to their particular circumstances)
  • An important part of QoE is the ability to resolve customer issues through the use of retrospective data rather than waiting for issue reoccurrence. This creates the customer perception of a highly effective customer care model which can resolve issues based on just one historical case.


The Aspire Approach

 Aspire has developed the RAN Analyser tool which facilitates resolution of radio network related customer issues and an improvement of QoE even before the customer has contacted the call centre. The RAN Analyser performs retrospective analysis of 100% of voice & data calls to determine the prevalence of an issue across the network and quantify the volume of customers impacted.


Figure 1

Proactively Improving NPS Scores

NPS survey results typically show 30% of customers are detractors with a significant proportion of them detractors because of poor network experience. The RAN Analyser enables a retrospective analysis of the customer’s activity on the network to identify the area where the customer had a poor experience. The detailed network related information extracted for the specific customers experience directly translates into network optimisation recommendations and implementation of actions to address the issue. The RAN Analyser then validates the customer benefit of targeted optimisation activities through analysis of data provided directly by the customer’s handset, post implementation of the recommendations.

The solution provides analysis across a wide range of customer experience scenarios including YouTube, voice call experience and web browsing.

A key point is that the resolution of a network issue responsible for poor customer experience in a particular geographical area, will benefit all users in the area who are experiencing the same issue and the volume of users impacted is readily quantifiable.

The graph below shows the NPS score improvement for a sample group of users in a Tier1 European Network Operator achieved using the RAN Analyser tool to improve their customer experience. The volume of network detractors in the focus group was reduced by 30% in two consecutive NPS surveys which were taken post implementation of the RAN Analyser driven improvements.


Figure 2

Customer Quality of Experience (QoE) Perspective

As an operator, how can I get insight into the customer experience of my network in terms of indoor/outdoor network coverage and application performance as viewed on customer’s device?

As the RAN Analyser provides a retrospective analysis of 100% of every customer’s voice and data calls, detailed coverage measurements are readily available. This allows analysis of customer experience from a network drill down perspective irrespective of the customer being part of the NPS survey sample group. Aspire’s clients have successfully implemented network optimisation and expansion activities based on this information and the RAN Analyser enables closed loop follow up to verify that the customer benefits from the implemented changes. A key benefit to Aspire’s approach is the ability to determine the prevalence of an identified issue across the entire network and quantify the number of customers impacted.

This approach is valuable for VIP customer performance profiling and saves both time and money by facilitating verification that the issue is addressed without the requirement for customer follow up and/or customer site visit.

Aspire Achievements

Aspire has delivered tangible NPS Score improvements for several Tier1 European Network Operators along with holistic network improvements through analysis of key end-customer network related issues and driving those respective issues to full resolution.

With a clear vision for Customer based Agent monitoring as the future mode of working (based on our extensive experience of monitoring and optimising Radio Access Networks) we recently launched our nSpire product.  nSpire is a next generation handset based CEM solution focussed on improving NPS. This complements the RAN Analyser which is a network level analysis tool.


The Aspire team has been in the driver’s seat of the Mobile industry for the past 20 years. Our combination of experience, talent and innovation is helping network operators tackle new industry challenges and to provide an enhanced customer focussed service.

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Martin Connolly, January 2017

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