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At Aspire, we’re always on the look-out for talented and ambitious individuals who enjoy a challenge and have the passion to excel. We know that we’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with, and that’s why each employee of Aspire is an important and valued member of our team. If you’re looking to work with leading technology, in a progressive dynamic environment where innovation is encouraged and rewarded, we’d love to hear from you.

teamhandsAt Aspire, we take our work seriously, but also like to have fun while collaborating with our client teams. It is this common core of team building that brings great results.


Hi, I am Mary-Anne Kelly, HR Manager at Aspire Technology. We are always on the look-out for bright candidates, like you, to join our team. Please click on any of the links below to join our amazing team of people; I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!

Our team is growing and we’re on the lookout for great candidates like you!

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I like working at Aspire because I am surrounded by very highly skilled people who are always ready to help each other. Moreover, I feel that Aspire, with its technical knowledge can face any customer need and when my customer is happy, I am happy. Last but not least, it is a young and happy environment full of energy.

Antonino Canale
Senior Engineer and Manager: Professional Services

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I am working in Aspire for one year and it's been a great experience for me so far. I started as a Graduate Software Engineer and I think that this company is a great opportunity for all students to start in after their studies. You will continue to learn a lot, have great mentors and work in a pleasant atmosphere. You will experience what it's like to work with big systems and also will be able to see the results of your coding which are delivered to customer's in a short time.

Tijana Apostolovic
Software Engineer: R&D

My key area of expertise is RAN troubleshooting in customer oriented roles including working directly with mobile network operators worldwide. I embrace the challenge of diverse customer facing opportunities provided to me by Aspire and enjoy the vibrant work atmosphere created by expert, approachable work colleagues. I hold an honours BE degree in Electronic Engineering from WIT achieved in 1998. Since then I have worked extensively in the telecoms industry. In my spare time, I actively participate in sports including football and the endless pursuit of perfecting my golf game!

Martin Connolly
Senior Engineer: Professional Services

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I've been working in Aspire for the past two years. I work in the New Business Sales Team. I'm responsible for meeting customers, developing our partner channel, writing proposals, attending trade shows, organising our marketing material, managing our Sales CRM database and running our pipeline meetings. I also help with the general day to day running of the office and I'm the Project Manager for the Junior Entrepreneur Programme which Aspire proudly sponsor in Co. Wicklow. I love the diversity of my job as no two days are ever the same.

Aoife Boyle
Sales Executive

I have been working in Aspire for over 7 years as an experienced software tester. During this time I have been troubleshooting highly complex issues, involving log analysis, reading feature documents and also interacting with colleagues and customers. I like the working environment in Aspire - staff are friendly and approachable and are always up for a bit of craic!

James Maher
Senior Test Engineer: R&D

© Dan Butler Photography - All rights are reserved. My images may not be used or edited without my permission.
© Dan Butler Photography - All rights are reserved. My images may not be used or edited without my permission.
I joined Aspire in June 2016 as an Electronic Engineer graduate from DCU. I am a part of feature development team and within the last year in Aspire, I have experienced full software development Life Cycle, including software requirement documentations, planning, development and testing. There are often very complex telecommunication issues to troubleshoot which I really enjoy because that’s when I learn the most and build on skills required to solve a problem.
Great people at all levels of the company. Everyone is very supportive and really helps one another in accomplishing team goals which in return are Aspire goals as a company.
I feel that Aspire truly values all its employees and everyone is treated equally

Ali Javed
Software Engineer: R&D

I started working for Aspire’s R&D department as a Graduate Software Engineer one year ago. Working as a software developer in the telecommunications field, I enjoy handling complex issues with many systems/subsystems interworking together, requiring deep analysis and understanding of protocols and real-life implementation. Aspire is all about knowledge sharing, team work and ‘we can do it’ attitude. For me, as a young engineer, it’s a perfect environment for career and personal growth.

Aleksandar Savic
Software Engineer: R&D

© Dan Butler Photography - All rights are reserved. My images may not be used or edited without my permission.
© Dan Butler Photography - All rights are reserved. My images may not be used or edited without my permission.
I joined Aspire in 2017, just as the Company announced our expansion plans. I’ve held different HR roles over the last few years, and I’m very excited to be part of the team here, using my expertise and continuing to learn as we grow the business. Each day brings the opportunity to collaborate with people across the Company, from candidates, to Engineers to the Senior Management team. It’s fantastic to work with such supportive, knowledgeable and friendly people and I look forward to developing my career within the Company.

Michele Fenlon
HR Executive

I joined Aspire 4 years ago, I’ve worked on a diverse range of projects which is why I enjoy working here. I’ve worked on-site with customers and with new technologies including SON, VoLTE and VoWiFi.
The people here are what makes it a great place to work. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and there is an empowering sense of camaraderie.
I graduated from Univeristy College Cork with a Masters in Mobile Telecommunications. Outside of work I enjoy cycling, running, golf, swimming and I have a keen interest in food.

Daniel O'Brien
Professional Services Engineer

Daniel O'Brien
I am interested in software development, engineering and telecommunications. I enjoy learning about troubleshooting and developing on a complicated telecommunication software product. Working on troubleshooting telecommunication problems, are often challenging and involve learning a lot about the problem domain and applying different problem solving skills like code analysis, log analysis, searching for and understanding similar problems that occurred in the past, and reading documentation. This is what I enjoy. I like software development and working with all my colleagues, who are also all interested in engineering and technology.

Ciaran Burke
Software Engineer: R&D

I started working in Aspire Technology as a Graduate Telecommunications Engineer. During a year of work in Research and Development department as a Software Test Engineer I finished Master studies in Telecommunication Engineering and started PhD studies in the same field. The greatest asset of Aspire is that the company is motivating each person to constantly improve their technical, academic, social and life skills in general. Members of the Aspire ecosystem are always ready to assist each other in troubleshooting the most difficult problems, and as a result are making the telecommunication networks perfect.

Djordje Lukic
Software Engineer: R&D

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Sean ward
I have been working in Aspire since 2013 when I returned to Dublin from previous experiences in USA and Australia, supporting Ericsson (telecom vendors) with RAN software testing and large-scale RAN rollouts for world leading operators. With Aspire I have had opportunity to work across a number of diverse projects, from vendor pre-release software testing, to daily live RAN network operations in the local Irish market. In addition, I have travelled worldwide working directly with some of the world’s largest operators, assisting with network troubleshooting and organising project plans.
My time with Aspire has been challenging and engaging and has given me an opportunity to push myself and realise my potential both professionally and on a personal level.
The highly skilled Aspire team are a pleasure to work with, and possess a strong focus on a quality customer delivery.

Sean Ward
Professional Services Engineer

We are always on the lookout for stars to join our team.

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